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Who is responsible for clearly expressing Product Backlog items?

  • A. The Scrum Master, or the Scrum Master may have the Development Team do it.
  • B. The Scrum Master.
  • C. The Product Owner.
  • D. The business analyst who represents the Product Owner in the Development Team.

Answer: C

What happens if the Development Team cannot complete its work by the end of the Sprint?

  • A. The Sprint is extended and future Sprints use this new duration.
  • B. The Sprint length holds and the Development Team continuously learns what is actually possible to do within a Sprint of this length.
  • C. The Sprint is extended temporaril
  • D. Lessons are taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Answer: B

If burndown charts are used to visualize progress, what does a trend line through a release burndown chart indicate?

  • A. The evolution of the cost spent on the project.
  • B. When all work will be completed to the Scrum Team can be released for other work.
  • C. When the work remaining will likely be completed if nothing changes on the Product Backlog or the Development Team.
  • D. When the project will be over if the Product Owner removes work that is equal in effort to any new work that is added.

Answer: C

You are the Scrum Master of a new, to be developed product. Development is going to require 45 people. What is a good first question for you to suggest the group thinks about when forming into teams?

  • A. How will we make sure all teams have the right amount or expertise?
  • B. What is the right mixture of senior and junior people on each team?
  • C. Who are going to be the team leads?
  • D. Who are the subject matter experts on each team?

Answer: A

Which phrase best describes a Product Owner?

  • A. Go-between development team and customers.
  • B. Value optimizer.
  • C. Requirements engineer.
  • D. Team manager.

Answer: A

You have six teams using a traditional method to deliver a product. Your management has asked you to start using Scrum. In the initial project there were separate plans and teams for the layers of a software system, i.e. one for the front-end, one for the middle tier, one for the back-end, and one for the interfaces and services. This resembles what is known as component teams. But you have read that it’s a good idea to have teams organized by feature.
What are the advantages of keeping component teams while starting Scrum?

  • A. There’s less initial disruption than organizing into new team
  • B. As they start, they will discover what works best, and how to potentially re-organize towards this.
  • C. Component teams generally have the skills needed to create a working Increment of software that provides business value.
  • D. Because they have worked together for some time, they are likely able to start producing shippable Increments faster that new feature teams would.
  • E. There are fewer cross-team dependencies than working in feature teams.

Answer: A

When is the Sprint Backlog created?

  • A. At the beginning of the project.
  • B. During the Sprint Planning meeting.
  • C. Prior to the Sprint Planning meeting.
  • D. During the Sprint.

Answer: B

Which of the following are true about the Product Owner role? (Choose two.)

  • A. The Product Owner is one person.
  • B. The Product Owner is accountable for ordering the Product Backlog.
  • C. Multiple people can share the Product Owner role on a Scrum Team.
  • D. The Product Owner role can be played by a committee or a team of people.

Answer: AB

Which of the following is a Developer accountable for? (Choose the best two answers.)

  • A. Selecting the Product Owner.
  • B. Reporting productivity.
  • C. Creating a plan for the Sprint, the Sprint Backlog.
  • D. Organizing the work required to meet the Sprint Goal.

Answer: CD

Which three of the following are true about Scrum? (Choose the best three answers.)

  • A. Scrum implements self-management by replacing Project Managers with Scrum Masters.
  • B. Each component of Scrum serves a specific purpose and is essential to Scrum’s success and your usage of Scrum to develop complex products.
  • C. Scrum is a methodology where you can pick and choose which parts of Scrum you think will work for your environment.
  • D. Scrum is a framework for developing and sustaining complex products.
  • E. Scrum is based on empiricism and lean thinking.

Answer: BDE

Who is responsible for engaging the stakeholders?

  • A. The Business Analyst.
  • B. The Development Team.
  • C. The Team Manager.
  • D. The Project Manager.
  • E. The Product Owner.

Answer: E

Which of the following are true about the length of the Sprint? (Choose two.)

  • A. The length of the Sprint should be proportional to the work that is done in between Sprints.
  • B. It is best to have Sprints of consistent length throughout a development effort.
  • C. Sprint length is determined during Sprint Planning, and should hold the time it will take to code the planned features in the upcoming Sprint, but does not include time for any testing.
  • D. Sprint length is determined during Sprint Planning, and should be long enough to make sure the Development Team can deliver what is to be accomplished in the upcoming Sprint.
  • E. All Sprints must be 1 month or less.

Answer: BE

When might a Sprint be abnormally cancelled?

  • A. When the Development Team feels that the work is too hard.
  • B. When the Sprint Goal becomes obsolete.
  • C. When the sales department has an important new opportunity.
  • D. When it becomes clear that not everything will be finished by the end of the Sprint.

Answer: B

In order to achieve the benefits of Scrum, it is important to enact the value of commitment. What two actions demonstrate the commitment of Scrum Team members? (Choose two.)

  • A. Always deliver the items in the Sprint forecast.
  • B. Help the other Scrum Team members.
  • C. Do your best
  • D. Send out a daily status report.
  • E. Work late.

Answer: BC

An organization has decided to adopt Scrum, but management wants to change the terminology to fit with terminology already used. What will likely happen if this is done? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Without a new vocabulary as a reminder of the change, very little change may actually happen.
  • B. The organization may not understand what has changed within Scrum and the benefits of Scrum may be lost.
  • C. Management may feel less anxious.
  • D. All answers apply.

Answer: D


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