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What occurs in an Enterprise 2.0 account when a subscriber clicks the default "One-Click Unsubscribe" link in an email? (Choose 2)

  • A. Thesubscriber is unsubscribed from the publication list applied to the send
  • B. The subscriber is added to the enterprise global unsubscribe list
  • C. The subscriber is deleted completely from the sending account
  • D. The subscriber is removed from the List used for the Send

Answer: AD

A national landscaping company wants to send targeted emails tocustomers to remind them of their upcoming lawn treatment. Depending on the service, customers will receive either one or two emails. The data for the campaign is in two separate data extensions. Customer Number is a Primary Key field in both dataextensions. Which two tools could be used to segment the data? (Choose two.)

  • A. Data Extract Activity
  • B. SQL Query Activity
  • C. Send Definition
  • D. Filters

Answer: BD

NTO wants to reuse a skiing promotional advertisement used in one of last winter's email campaigns. Which three methods in Content Builder can be used to locate the promotional advertisement? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Local folder structure
  • B. Search field
  • C. Content Type filter
  • D. Email Type
  • E. Tags filter

Answer: ABE


What single place in Content Builder would a marketer store CSS used in several Paste HTML Templates?

  • A. Style Block
  • B. Code Snippet
  • C. Script Activity
  • D. Free Form Code Block

Answer: A

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has created a new onboarding series for customers who have purchased its fitness tracker. Customers were automatically opted in and received three emails from NTO within one day. The onboarding series includes personalized recommendations but lacks an easy way to opt out or update preferences.
In this scenario, what best practice was achieved?

  • A. Opting customers in automatically
  • B. Personalized recommendations
  • C. Sending multiple emails in one day
  • D. Preventing customers from opting out

Answer: B

A marketing team is using two systems to send emails. The team wants to maintain unsubscribe information between both of thesystems. In order to remain compliant, they would like to update Marketing Cloud subscription status weekly based on unsubscribes from the other system.
Which solution should they use to maintain subscriber status?

  • A. Import unsubscribes into a dataextension, then update status with a query.
  • B. Create an automation triggered on unsubscribes from the other system.
  • C. Create a suppression workflow for the unsubscribed accounts.
  • D. Import unsubscribes with the appropriate status into All Subscribers.

Answer: D

Which two subscriber audiences can be created by using Measures in a Data Filter? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Subscribers who have opened an email in the past 30 days.
  • B. Subscribers within a 30-mile radius of a zip code.
  • C. Subscribers who have submitted spam complaints in the last week.
  • D. Subscribers who have not clicked in the past three months.

Answer: AD

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) created several lists of subscribers, and would now like to send an email to all female subscribers.
Which feature allows NTO to easily target this segment?

  • A. Smart Capture
  • B. Publication List
  • C. List Detective
  • D. Filtered Group

Answer: D

What is a Master Unsubscribe?

  • A. When a subscriber unsubscribes from a Publication list via an email unsubscribe link
  • B. When a subscriber unsubscribes from all emails sent from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • C. When a subscriber unsubscribes from a list in the Subscription Center
  • D. When a subscriber unsubscribes from all emails sent from an account

Answer: D

Which tactic will improve deliverability for a new sender?

  • A. Send email during the holiday season when new senders are less likely to be detected
  • B. Send email to a minimum of 35,000 subscribers per ISP per day
  • C. Send email to ISPs that have been notified of the new sender
  • D. Send email to the most active and engaged customers

Answer: D

A marketer is designing email for mobile devices.
Which three design best practices would the marketer use? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Stack the content in a single column.
  • B. Keep copy simple and direct.
  • C. Useimage-based text for hero graphics.
  • D. Cut content to make the message fit above the fold.
  • E. Design with the most important content at the top.

Answer: ABE

A marketer is updating a data extension by manually importing a file. The marketer wants to ensure only new records are added to the data extension during the Import process.
In which two ways should the data extension and import be configured? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Select the updatetype "Overwrite"
  • B. Ensure the data extension has a Primary Key
  • C. Select the update type "Add and Update"
  • D. Select the update type "Add Only"

Answer: CD

As part of a weekly email automation, a client needs to segment data in a Data Extension. Which activity is designed to address this scenario?

  • A. Import Activity
  • B. File Transfer Activity
  • C. Group Refresh
  • D. Query Activity

Answer: D

What is triggered automation?

  • A. An automation that is triggered based on a schedule that has been defined
  • B. An automation that is initiated when a designated value in a data extension is changed
  • C. An automation that is initiated whena file is dropped into a designated Enhanced FTP Folder
  • D. An automation that triggers an email to be sent based on a user Initiated Email definition

Answer: C

A marketing team has switched from the Classic Editor to Content Builder in Email Studio. All images, content blocks, and emails were saved in one folder.
How should these saved items be found in Content Builder?

  • A. Create folders andmove content
  • B. Filter based on content type
  • C. Add tags to each piece of content
  • D. Rename content to be alphabetical

Answer: A

As part of a daily shipping notification automation, Northern Trail Outfitters needs to join data from the Shipping data extension and the Purchase data extension.
What activity is designed to address this scenario?

  • A. SQL Query Activity
  • B. Filter Activity
  • C. Group Refresh
  • D. File Transfer Activity

Answer: A


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