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An orgAMzation has hosted an application on the EC2 instances. There will be multiple users connecting to the instance for setup and configuration of application. The orgAMzation is planning to implement certain security best practices. Which of the below mentioned pointers will not help the orgAMzation achieve better security arrangement?

  • A. Apply the latest patch of OS and always keep it updated.
  • B. Allow only IAM users to connect with the EC2 instances with their own secret access key.
  • C. Disable the password based login for all the user
  • D. All the users should use their own keys to connect with the instance securely.
  • E. Create a procedure to revoke the access rights of the indMdual user when they are not required to connect to EC2 instance anymore for the purpose of application configuration.

Answer: B

Since AWS is a public cloud any application hosted on EC2 is prone to hacker attacks. It becomes extremely important for a user to setup a proper security mechAMsm on the EC2 instances. A few of the security measures are listed below:
Always keep the OS updated with the latest patch
Always create separate users with in OS if they need to connect with the EC2 instances, create their keys and disable their password
Create a procedure using which the admin can revoke the access of the user when the business work on the EC2 instance is completed
Lock down unnecessary ports
Audit any proprietary applications that the user may be running on the EC2 instance
Provide temporary escalated prMleges, such as sudo for users who need to perform occasional prMleged tasks
The IAM is useful when users are required to work with AWS resources and actions, such as launching an instance. It is not useful to connect (RDP / SSH) with an instance.

In Amazon EC2, which of the following is the type of monitoring data for Amazon EBS volumes that is available automatically in 5-minute periods at no charge?

  • A. Primary
  • B. Basic
  • C. Initial
  • D. Detailed

Answer: B

Basic is the type of monitoring data (for Amazon EBS volumes) which is available automatically in 5-minute periods at no charge called.

Company C has recently launched an online commerce site for bicycles on AWS. They have a "Product" DynamoDB table that stores details for each bicycle, such as, manufacturer, color, price, quantity and size to display in the online store. Due to customer demand, they want to include an image for each bicycle along with the existing details.
Which approach below provides the least impact to provisioned throughput on the "Product" table?

  • A. Serialize the image and store it in multiple DynamoDB tables
  • B. Create an "Images" DynamoDB table to store the Image with a foreign key constraint to the "Product" table
  • C. Add an image data type to the "Product" table to store the images in binary format
  • D. Store the images in Amazon S3 and add an S3 URL pointer to the "Product" table item for each image

Answer: D

Which of the following device names is recommended for an EBS volume that can be attached to an Amazon EC2 Instance running Windows?

  • A. xvd[a-e]
  • B. /mnt/sd[b-e]
  • C. xvd[f-p]
  • D. /dev/sda1

Answer: C

The xvd[f-p] is the recommended device name for EBS volumes that can be attached to the Amazon EC2 Instances running on Windows.

ExamKiIIer (with AWS account ID H1122223333) has created 50 IAM users for its orgAMzation’s employees. ExamKiI|er wants to make the AWS console login URL for all IAM users like: https://examki|| How can this be configured?

  • A. The user needs to use Route 53 to map the examkiller domain and IAM URL
  • B. Create an IAM AWS account alias with the name examkiller
  • C. It is not possible to have a personalized IAM login URL
  • D. Create an IAM hosted zone Identity for the domain examkiller

Answer: B

If a user wants the URL of the AWS IAM sign-in page to have a company name instead of the AWS account ID, he can create an alias for his AWS account ID.

Which EC2 API call would you use to retrieve a list of Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)?

  • A. Descnbelnstances
  • B. DescribeAMIs
  • C. Describelmages
  • D. GetAMIs
  • E. You cannot retrieve a list of AMIs as there are over 10,000 AMIs

Answer: E

An account owner has created an IAM user with the name examkiller. The account owner wants to give EC2 access of only the US West region to that IAM user. How can the owner configure this?

  • A. While creating a policy provide the region as a part of the resources
  • B. Create an IAM user in the US West region and give access to EC2
  • C. Create an IAM policy and define the region in the condition
  • D. It is not possible to provide access based on the region

Answer: C

The IAM policy is never region specific. If the user wants to configure the region specific setting, he needs to provide conditions as part of the policy.

A user is creating a new EBS volume from an existing snapshot. The snapshot size shows 10 GB. Can the user create a volume of 30 GB from that snapshot?

  • A. Provided the original volume has set the change size attribute to true
  • B. Yes
  • C. Provided the snapshot has the modify size attribute set as true
  • D. No

Answer: B

A user can always create a new EBS volume of a higher size than the original snapshot size. The user cannot create a volume of a lower size. When the new volume is created the size in the instance will be shown as the original size. The user needs to change the size of the device with resize2fs or other OS specific commands.

In regards to VPC, select the correct statement:

  • A. You can associate multiple subnets with the same Route Table.
  • B. You can associate multiple subnets with the same Route Table, but you can't associate a subnet with only one Route Table.
  • C. You can't associate multiple subnets with the same Route Table.
  • D. None of thes

Answer: A

Every subnet in your VPC must be associated with exactly one Route Table. However, multiple subnets can be associated with the same Route Table.

A user has enabled the automated backup, but not specified the backup window. What will RDS do in this case?

  • A. Will throw an error on instance launch
  • B. RDS will take 3 AM — 3:30 AM as the default window
  • C. RDS assigns a random time period based on the region
  • D. Will not allow to launch a DB instance

Answer: C

If the user does not specify a preferred backup window while enabling an automated backup, Amazon RDS assigns a default 30-minute backup window which is selected at random from an 8-hour block of
time per region. Reference: DSInstances.htmI

A user is trying to understand AWS SNS. To which of the below mentioned end points is SNS unable to send a notification?

  • A. AWS SES
  • B. Email JSON
  • C. AWS SQS
  • D. HTTP

Answer: A

Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) is a fast, filexible, and fully managed push messaging service. Amazon SNS can deliver notifications by SMS text message or email to the Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) queues or to any HTTP endpoint. The user can select one the following
transports as part of the subscription requests: "HTTP", "HTTPS","Emai|", "EmaiI-JSON", "SQS", "and SMS".

Which of the following groups is AWS Elastic Beanstalk best suited for?

  • A. Those who want to deploy and manage their applications within minutes in the AWS cloud
  • B. Those who want to privately store and manage Git repositories in the AWS cloud.
  • C. Those who want to automate the deployment of applications to instances and to update the applications as required
  • D. Those who want to model, visualize, and automate the steps required to release software

Answer: A

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is best suited for those groups who want to deploy and manage their applications within minutes in the AWS cloud. As a bonus, you don’t even need experience with cloud computing to get started.

EC2 instances are launched from Amazon Machine images (AMIS). A given public AMI can:

  • A. be used to launch EC2 Instances in any AWS region.
  • B. only be used to launch EC2 instances in the same country as the AMI is stored.
  • C. only be used to launch EC2 instances in the same AWS region as the AMI is stored.
  • D. only be used to launch EC2 instances in the same AWS availability zone as the AMI is stored

Answer: C

When you create a table with a hash-and-range key, you must define one or more secondary indexes on that table.

  • A. False, hash-range key is another name for secondary index
  • B. False, it is optional
  • C. True
  • D. False, when you have Hash-Range key you cannot define Secondary index

Answer: B

When you create a table with a hash-and-range key in DynamoDB, you can also define one or more secondary indexes on that table.

A user has hosted a website on AWS and uses ELB to load balance the multiple instances. The user application does not have any cookie management. How can the user bind the session of the requestor with a particular instance?

  • A. Bind the IP address with a sticky cookie
  • B. Create a cookie at the application level to set at ELB
  • C. Use session synchronization with ELB
  • D. Let ELB generate a cookie for a specified duration

Answer: D

The key to manage the sticky session is determining how long the load balancer should route the user's request to the same application instance. If the application has its own session cookie, then the user can set the Elastic Load Balancing to create the session cookie to follow the duration specified by the appIication's session cookie. If the user’s application does not have its own session cookie, then he can set the Elastic Load Balancing to create a session cookie by specifying his own stickiness duration. Reference:


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