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A user has launched an EC2 instance and installed a website with the Apache webserver. The webserver is running but the user is not able to access the website from the internet. What can be the possible reason for this failure?

  • A. The security group of the instance is not configured properly.
  • B. The instance is not configured with the proper key-pairs.
  • C. The Apache website cannot be accessed from the internet.
  • D. Instance is not configured with an elastic I

Answer: A

In Amazon Web Services, when a user has configured an instance with Apache, the user needs to ensure that the ports in the security group are opened as configured in Apache config. E.g. If Apache is running on port 80, the user should open port 80 in the security group.

A user has created a snapshot of an EBS volume. Which of the below mentioned usage cases is not possible with respect to a snapshot?

  • A. Nlirroring the volume from one AZ to another AZ
  • B. Launch an instance
  • C. Decrease the volume size
  • D. Increase the size of the volume

Answer: C

The EBS snapshots are a point in time backup ofthe volume. It is helpful to move the volume from one AZ to another or launch a new instance. The user can increase the size of the volume but cannot decrease it less than the original snapshot size.

ExamKiIIer (with AWS account ID 111122223333) has created 50 IAM users for its orgAMzation’s employees. What will be the AWS console URL for these associates?

  • A. https://|e/
  • B. https://
  • C.|e/
  • D.

Answer: A

When an orgAMzation is using AWS IAM for creating various users and manage their access rights, the IAM user cannot use the login URL to access AWS management console. The console login URL for the IAM user will have AWS account ID of that orgAMzation to identify the IAM user belongs to particular account. The AWS console login URL for the IAM user will be https://
<AWS_Account_|D> In this case it will be https://

A user has developed an application which is required to send the data to a NoSQL database. The user wants to decouple the data sending such that the application keeps processing and sending data but
does not wait for an acknowledgement of DB. Which of the below mentioned applications helps in this scenario?

  • A. AWS Simple Notification Service
  • B. AWS Simple Workflow
  • C. AWS Simple Query Service
  • D. AWS Simple Queue Service

Answer: D

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a fast, reliable, scalable, and fully managed message queuing service. SQS provides a simple and cost-effective way to decouple the components of an application. In this case, the user can use AWS SQS to send messages which are received from an application and sent to DB. The application can continue processing data without waiting for any acknowledgement from DB. The user can use SQS to transmit any volume of data without losing messages or requiring other services to always be available.

Which one of the following operations is NOT a DynamoDB operation?

  • A. BatchWrite|tem
  • B. DescribeTabIe
  • C. BatchGetItem
  • D. BatchDeIeteItem

Answer: D

In DynamoDB, Deleteltem deletes a single item in a table by primary key, but BatchDeIeteItem doesn’t exist.

You have a number of image files to encode. In an Amazon SQS worker queue, you create an Amazon SQS message for each file specifying the command (jpeg-encode) and the location of the file in Amazon S3. Which of the following statements best describes the functionality of Amazon SQS?

  • A. Amazon SQS is for single-threaded sending or receMng speeds.
  • B. Amazon SQS is a non-distributed queuing system.
  • C. Amazon SQS is a distributed queuing system that is optimized for horizontal scalability, not for single-threaded sending or receMng speeds.
  • D. Amazon SQS is a distributed queuing system that is optimized for vertical scalability and for single-threaded sending or receMng speeds.

Answer: C

Amazon SQS is a distributed queuing system that is optimized for horizontal scalability, not for
single-threaded sending or receMng speeds. A single client can send or receive Amazon SQS messages at a rate of about 5 to 50 messages per second. Higher receive performance can be achieved by requesting multiple messages (up to 10) in a single call. It may take several seconds before a message that has been to a queue is available to be received.

What does Amazon SQS provide?

  • A. An asynchronous message queue service.
  • B. A Simple Query Sewer, managed directly by Amazon Web Services.
  • C. None of these.
  • D. A synchronous message queue service.

Answer: A

Amazon SQS stands for Simple Queue Services, and provides a cost-effective way to decouple the components of your application through an asynchronous message queue service

Which Amazon service is not used by Elastic Beanstalk?

  • A. Amazon S3
  • B. Amazon ELB
  • C. Auto scaling
  • D. Amazon EMR

Answer: D

Elastic Beanstalk leverages AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling to deliver the same highly reliable, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure that hundreds of thousands of businesses depend on today.

A user is planning to create a structured database in the cloud. Which of the below mentioned AWS offerings help the user achieve the goal?

  • A. AWS DynamoDB
  • B. AWS RDS
  • C. AWS Simp|eDB
  • D. AWS RSD

Answer: B

AWS RDS is a managed database server offered by AWS, which makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database or structured data in cloud.

Games-R-Us is launching a new game app for mobile devices. Users will log into the game using their existing Facebook account and the game will record player data and scoring information directly to a DynamoDB table.
What is the most secure approach for signing requests to the DynamoDB API?

  • A. Create an IAM user with access credentials that are distributed with the mobile app to sign the requests
  • B. Distribute the AWS root account access credentials with the mobile app to sign the requests
  • C. Request temporary security credentials using web identity federation to sign the requests
  • D. Establish cross account access between the mobile app and the DynamoDB table to sign the requests

Answer: C

A startup s photo-sharing site is deployed in a VPC. An ELB distributes web traffic across two subnets. ELB session stickiness is configured to use the AWS-generated session cookie, with a session TTL of 5 minutes. The webserver Auto Scaling Group is configured as: min-size=4, max-size=4.
The startups preparing for a public launch, by running load-testing software installed on a single EC2 instance running in us-west-2a. After 60 minutes of load-testing, the webserver logs show:
DVA-C01 dumps exhibit
Which recommendations can help ensure load-testing HTTP requests are evenly distributed across the
four webservers? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Launch and run the load-tester EC2 instance from us-east-1 instead.
  • B. Re-configure the load-testing software to re-resolve DNS for each web request.
  • C. Use a 3rd-party load-testing service which offers globally-distributed test clients.
  • D. Configure ELB and Auto Scaling to distribute across us-west-2a and us-west-2c.
  • E. Configure ELB session stickiness to use the app-specific session cooki

Answer: BE

A user is trying to create a policy for an IAM user from the AWS console. Which of the below mentioned options is not available to the user while configuring policy?

  • A. Use policy generator to create policy
  • B. Use custom policy to create policy
  • C. Use policy simulator to create policy
  • D. Assign No permission

Answer: C

When a user is trying to create a policy from the AWS console, it will have options such as create policy from templates or use a policy generator. The user can also define a custom policy or chose the option to have no permission. The policy simulator is not available in the console.

The user has configured AutoScaIing based on the dynamic policy. Which of the following is not the right command to specify a change in capacity as a part of the policy?

  • A. "adjustment=-50" (type is PercentChangeInCapacity)
  • B. "adjustment=3" (type is ExactCapacity)
  • C. "adjustment=-1" (type is ChangeInCapacity)
  • D. "adjustment=-8" (type is ExactCapacity)

Answer: D

The user can configure the AutoScaIing group to automatically scale up and then scale down based on the various specified CIoudWatch monitoring conditions. The user needs to provide the adjustment value and the adjustment type. A positive adjustment value increases the current capacity and a negative adjustment value decreases the current capacity. The user can express the change to the current size as an absolute number, an increment or as a percentage of the current group size.
In this option specifying the exact capacity with the adjustment value = -8 will not work as when type is exact capacity the adjustment value cannot be negative.

An orgAMzation has launched two applications: one for blogging and one for ECM on the same AWS Linux EC2 instance running in the AWS VPC. The orgAMzation has attached two private IPs (primary and secondary) to the above mentioned instance. The orgAMzation wants the instance OS to recognize the secondary IP address. How can the orgAMzation configure this?

  • A. Use the ec2-net-utility package which updates routing tables, uses DHCP to refresh the secondary IP and adds the network interface.
  • B. Use the ec2-net-utils package which will configure an additional network interface and update the routing table
  • C. Use the ec2-ip-update package which can configure the network interface as well as update the secondary IP with DHCP.
  • D. Use the ec2-ip-utility package which can update the routing tables as well as refresh the secondary IP using DHCP.

Answer: B

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a virtual network dedicated to the user’s AWS account. It enables the
user to launch AWS resources into a virtual network that the user has defined. With VPC the user can specify multiple private IP addresses for his instances.
The number of network interfaces and private IP addresses that a user can specify for an instance depends on the instance type. This scenario helps when the user wants to host multiple websites on a single EC2 instance. After the user has assigned a secondary private IP address to his instance, he needs to configure the operating system on that instance to recognize the secondary private IP address. For AWS Linux, the ec2-net-utils package can take care of this step. It configures additional network interfaces that the user can attach while the instance is running, refreshes secondary IP addresses during DHCP lease renewal, and updates the related routing rules.

A bucket owner has allowed another account’s IAM users to upload or access objects in his bucket. The IAM user of Account A is trying to access an object created by the IAM user of account B. What will happen in this scenario?

  • A. The bucket policy may not be created as S3 will give error due to conflict of Access Rights
  • B. It is not possible to give permission to multiple IAM users
  • C. AWS S3 will verify proper rights given by the owner of Account A, the bucket owner as well as by the IAM user B to the object
  • D. It is not possible that the IAM user of one account accesses objects of the other IAM user

Answer: C

If a IAM user is trying to perform some action on an object belonging to another AWS user’s bucket, S3 will verify whether the owner of the IAM user has given sufficient permission to him. It also verifies the policy for the bucket as well as the policy defined by the object owner.


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