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What is an accurate constructor for a custom controller named "MyController"?

  • A. public MyController () { account = new Account () ; }
  • B. public MyController (sObject obj) { account = (Account) obj; }
  • C. public MyController (List objects) { accounts = (List ) objects; }
  • D. public MyController (ApexPages.StandardController stdController) { account = (Account) stdController.getRecord(); }

Answer: A

What would a developer do to update a picklist field on related Opportunity records when a modification to the associated Account record is detected?

  • A. Create a process with Process Builder.
  • B. Create a workflow rule with a field update.
  • C. Create a Lightning Component.
  • D. Create a Visualforce pag

Answer: A

The Review_c object have a lookup relationship to the job_Application_c object. The job_Application_c object has a master detail relationship up to the position_c object. The relationship is based on the auto populated defaults?
What is the recommended way to display field data from the related Review _C records a Visualforce page for a single Position_c record? Select one of the following:

  • A. Utilize the Standard Controller for Position_c and cross-object Formula Fields on the Job_Application_c object to display Review_c data.
  • B. Utilize the Standard Controller for Position_c and a Controller Extension to query for Review_c data.
  • C. Utilize the Standard Controller for Position_c and expression syntax in the Page to display related Review_c through the Job_Applicacion_c inject.
  • D. Utilize the Standard Controller for Position_c and cross-object Formula Fields on the Review_c object to display Review_c data.

Answer: B

Which code segment can be used to control when the dowork() method is called?

  • A. For (Trigger.isRunning t: Trigger.new) { dowork(); }
  • B. If(Trigger.isRunning) dowork();
  • C. For (Trigger.isInsert t: Trigger.new) { dowork(); }
  • D. If(Trigger.isInsert) dowork();

Answer: D

For which three items can a trace flag be configured? (Choose three.)

  • A. Apex Trigger
  • B. Apex Class
  • C. Process Builder
  • D. User
  • E. Visualforce

Answer: ABD

Which two number expression evaluate correctly? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Integer I = 3.14159;
  • B. Decimal D = 3.14159;
  • C. Long I = 3.14159;
  • D. Double D =3.14159;

Answer: BD

A developer writes a before insert trigger.How can the developer access the incoming records in the trigger body?

  • A. By accessing the Trigger.new context variable.
  • B. By accessing the Trigger.newRecords context variable.
  • C. By accessing the Trigger.newMap context variable.
  • D. By accessing the Tripper.newList context variabl

Answer: A

A developer has the following code:try {List nameList;Account a;String s = a.Name;nameList.add(s);} catch (ListException le ) {System.debug(' List Exception ');} catch (NullPointerException npe) {System.debug(' NullPointer Exception ');} catch (Exception e) {System.debug(' Generic Exception ');} What message will be logged?

  • A. List Exception
  • B. NullPointer Exception
  • C. Generic Exception
  • D. No message is logged

Answer: B

A custom exception "RecordNotFoundException" is defined by the following code of block.public class RecordNotFoundException extends Exception()which statement can a developer use to throw a custom exception?choose 2 answers

  • A. Throw new RecordNotFoundException("problem occured");
  • B. Throw new RecordNotFoundException();
  • C. throw RecordNotFoundException("problem occured");
  • D. Throw RecordNotFoundException();

Answer: AB

In a single record, a user selects multiple values from a multi-select picklist. How are the selected values represented in Apex?

  • A. As a String with each value separated by a comma
  • B. As a Set with each value as an element in the set
  • C. As a String with each value separated by a semicolon
  • D. As a List with each value as an element in the list Previous

Answer: C

A developer encounters APEX heap limit errors in a trigger.
Which two methods should the developer use to avoid this error? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use the transient keyword when declaring variables.
  • B. Query and store fields from the related object in a collection when updating related objects.
  • C. Remove or set collections to null after use.
  • D. Use SOQL for loops instead of assigning large queries results to a single collection and looping through the collectio

Answer: AD

Which statement about change set deployments is accurate? (Choose 3)

  • A. They use an all or none deployment model.
  • B. They require a deployment connection.
  • C. They ca be used to transfer Contact records.
  • D. They can be used to deploy custom settings data.
  • E. They can be used only between related organization

Answer: ABE

Which two strategies should a developer use to avoid hitting governor limits when developing in a multi-tenant environment? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use collections to store all fields from a related object and not just minimally required fields.
  • B. Use methods from the “Limits” class to monitor governor limits.
  • C. Use SOQL for loops to iterate data retrieved from queries that return a high number of rows.
  • D. Use variables within Apex classes to store large amounts of dat

Answer: BC

A developer created a lightning component name accountList.cmp that display a list of Accounts. Client-side logic that is executed when a user hovers over an account in the list should be stored in which bundle member?

  • A. AccountListHelper.js
  • B. AccountListRenderer.js
  • C. AccountList.renderer
  • D. AccountList.helper

Answer: C

A Visualforce page is required for displaying and editing Case records that includes both standard and custom functionality defined in an Apex class called myControllerExtension.
The Visualforce page should include which <apex:page> attribute(s) to correctly implement controller functionality?

  • A. controller=“Case” and extensions=“myControllerExtension”
  • B. extensions=“myControllerExtension”
  • C. controller=“myControllerExtension”
  • D. standardController=“Case” and extensions=“myControllerExtension”

Answer: D

An org has different Apex Classes that provide Account -related functionality.After a new validation rule is added to the object, many of the test methods fail.What can be done to resolve the failures and reduce the number of code changes needed for future validation rules?Choose 2 answers:

  • A. Create a method that creates valid Account records, and call this method from within test methods.
  • B. Create a method that loads valid Account records from a Static Resource, and call this method within test methods.
  • C. Create a method that performs a callout for a valid Account record, and call this method from within test methods.
  • D. Create a method that queries for valid Account records, and call this method from within test method

Answer: AB

What is the easiest way to verify a user before showing them sensitive content?

  • A. Sending the user a SMS message with a passcode.
  • B. Calling the generateVerificationUrl method in apex.
  • C. Sending the user an Email message with a passcode.
  • D. Calling the Session.forcedLoginUrl method in ape

Answer: B

What is a valid way of loading external JavaScript files into a Visualforce page? (Choose 2) A. Using an (apex:includeScript)* tag. \>

  • A. Using an (apex:define)* tag.
  • B. Using a (link)* tag.
  • C. Using a (script)* ta

Answer: AD

Before putting an app into production, which step should be taken?

  • A. Run the production check feature via the web interface
  • B. Switch to a production database
  • C. Insure that you have installed a performance introspection add-on
  • D. Scale your dynos

Answer: A

In which order does SalesForce execute events upon saving a record?

  • A. Before Triggers; Validation Rules; After Triggers; Assignment Rules; Workflow Rules; Commit
  • B. Validation Rules; Before Triggers; After Triggers; Workflow Rules; Assignment Rules; Commit
  • C. Before Triggers; Validation Rules; After Triggers; Workflow Rules; Assignment Rules; Commit
  • D. Validation Rules; Before Triggers; After Triggers; Assignment Rules; Workflow Rules; Commit

Answer: A

A developer executes the following code in the Developer Console:
List<Account> fList = new List <Account> ();For(integer i= 1; I <= 200; i++){fList.add(new Account ( Name = ‘Universal Account ‘ + i));}Insert fList;List <Account> sList = new List<Account>();For (integer I = 201; I <=
20000; i ++){sList.add(new Account (Name = ‘Universal Account ‘ + i));}Insert sList;How many accounts are created in the Salesforce organization ?

  • A. 20000
  • B. 200
  • C. 1000

Answer: B

A developer is asked to set a picklist field to ‘Monitor’ on any new Leads owned by a subnet of Users. How should the developer implement this request?

  • A. Create an after insert Lead trigger.
  • B. Create a before insert Lead trigger.
  • C. Create a Lead Workflow Rule Field Update.
  • D. Create a Lead formula fiel

Answer: C

Which three tools can deploy metadata to production? (Choose three.)

  • A. Change Set from Developer Org
  • B. Force.com IDE
  • C. Data Loader
  • D. Change Set from Sandbox
  • E. Metadata API

Answer: ADE

Which trigger event allows a developer to update fields in the Trigger.new list without using an additional DML statement?Choose 2 answers

  • A. Before insert
  • B. Before update
  • C. After update
  • D. After insert

Answer: AB

A developer needs to confirm that an Account trigger is working correctly without changing the organization’s data.What would the developer do to test the Account trigger?

  • A. Use the Test menu on the developer Console to run all test classes for the account trigger.
  • B. Use the New button on the Salesforce Accounts Tab to create a new Account record.
  • C. Use the Open Execute Anonymous feature on the Developer Console to run an ‘insert Account’ DML statement.
  • D. Use Deply from the Force.com IDE to deploy an ‘insert Account’ Apex clas

Answer: A


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