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On a Friday, A Practitioner decides to send Deliveries on Monday at 8 AM. The deliveries must have the most up-to-date target.
What should the Practitioner configure before starting the campaign workflow?

  • A. extraction date
  • B. contact date
  • C. scheduler
  • D. approval

Answer: B

A Campaign has a scheduler set up to run weekly. The scheduler triggers a recurring delivery and a continuous delivery.
How many records are created in the delivery tableat the end of 3 weeks?

  • A. 4
  • B. 2
  • C. 6
  • D. 3

Answer: D

A Business Practitioner’s subscription report shows low loyalty.
Which three methods should the Business Practitioner use to improve subscription loyalty? (Choose three.)

  • A. offer compelling content
  • B. use double opt-in process
  • C. reduce the frequency of deliveries
  • D. remove the un-subscription link

Answer: ABC

A Practitioner chooses the wrong parentfolder for the Marketing Plan. How should the Practitioner correct the mistake?

  • A. delete the Marketing Plan and start over
  • B. edit the plan properties and select a different parent folder
  • C. drag and drop the Marketing Plan to a new folder
  • D. rename theparent folder

Answer: C

What are the three possible consequences of choosing and deploying an incorrect campaign template? (Choose three.)

  • A. The campaign template workflow could query incorrect individuals
  • B. The campaign template workflow could send out the wrong type of delivery
  • C. The campaign template could cause problems with reporting
  • D. The campaign template couldsend to individual without a delivery selected

Answer: ABD

Which two examples are appropriate for Qualitative analysis in Adobe Campaign? (Choose two.)

  • A. sales by product
  • B. total sales in US dollars
  • C. average basket
  • D. most popular email domains

Answer: CD

Which best practice should a user take to move an improperly placed campaign into the correct program folder?

  • A. Rename the improper program location to the appropriate program
  • B. Recreate the campaign incorrect program
  • C. Select the correct program dropdown in the campaign edit tab
  • D. Click and drag the campaign into the appropriate program

Answer: C

A campaign business practitioner is monitoring a delivery during its analysis. The campaign business practitioner notes that the audit has indicated two items with a warning. What happen with the delivery because of the warning?

  • A. The delivery generates an error and does NOT deploy
  • B. The delivery generates an error and at the end of the analysis but deploys the email
  • C. The delivery deploys the email
  • D. The delivery generates an error but does NOT deploy

Answer: C

When utilizing the updated list process, a campaign business practitioner must make sure to append additional records to a list if it exists. How can a campaign business practitioner do that?

  • A. Only create new lists and avoid updating an existing list
  • B. Uncheck the option to purge the list if it exists
  • C. Specify the name explicitly in the options
  • D. Store the list on an external database

Answer: A

Campaigns with many deliveries are using multiple channels.
How should the Business Practitioner group these deliveries for reporting?

  • A. delete all deliveries that do not need to be in the report
  • B. give alldeliveries the same Delivery Code
  • C. base all deliveries on the same template
  • D. give all deliveries the same name

Answer: B

A query on recipients is added to a workflow. The query needs to be able to obtain the last three transactions for each recipient.
Which method should be used to obtain this result?

  • A. In the complementary information section, add data of the type 'Data linked to the filtering dimension'.
  • B. In the complementary information section, add data of the type 'Data of the filtering dimension'.
  • C. In the advanced tab, add an Initialization Script.
  • D. Switch thetargeting and filtering dimension and add aggregate columns to get the transactions.

Answer: B

Campaign requirements state that a random selection of 20% of recipients be withheld from the targeting population to receive a different creative treatment in another campaign. How should the business practitioner configure the workflow?

  • A. Use the workflow properties to configure the random sample and it will be posted to the folder
  • B. Use a query activity to select the random selection and a list update activity to house the sample
  • C. Use a split activity to select the random sample and a list update activityto house the sample
  • D. Use a delivery activity to select the random sample and it will be posted the delivery logs

Answer: B

A summary of the deliveries report shows that 25% of messages were rejected by exclusion rules. Which aspect of the campaign needs improvement?

  • A. creative
  • B. subject line
  • C. segmentation
  • D. channel selection

Answer: C

The number of records out of union is less than intended. Which conclusionshould be made?

  • A. The target is dropping inactive records.
  • B. The target schemas are NOT the same.
  • C. The target is dropping exclusions.
  • D. The target populations are NOT mutually exclusive.

Answer: D

Aworkflow including a scheduler with a recurring frequency contains a regular delivery step. What is the result?

  • A. The delivery executes once and errors on the second send.
  • B. The delivery executes once and enters a finished state.
  • C. The delivery throws awarning message and executes as scheduled for first and second send.
  • D. The delivery is sent as scheduled for the first and second send

Answer: D

Which three tasks could a campaign business practitioner do to view a personalized version of adelivery? (Choose three.)

  • A. Utilize the test personalization option
  • B. Send a proof of the delivery
  • C. Analyze the delivery after creating it
  • D. Send the email to seed a list to compare

Answer: ABC

How should a campaign business practitioner test that dynamic content in delivery displays properly?

  • A. Configure the delivery to enable a content control group
  • B. Configure the delivery to enable content approval
  • C. Configure the delivery content to include seeds
  • D. Configure the delivery to send a proof of each content version

Answer: D

How would you send a proof to the “Holiday Marketing Team” list for approvals?

  • A. Select the email addresses from the recipient table
  • B. You cannot send the proof to the lists
  • C. Select the list from the send a Proof menu
  • D. Enter the email addressed into the “To:” line

Answer: A

More than one person in an approval operator group responds to an approval activity that requires a single response. What is the result?

  • A. The workflow errors if people in the operator group give different responses.
  • B. The workflow resumes after the first person in the operator group responds.
  • C. The workflow errors if more than one person from the operator group responds.
  • D. The workflow pauses until all members of the operator group responds.

Answer: B

A campaign is created with a workflow. The workflow has a continuous delivery. A campaign is created based on thistemplate.
What would be the relationship between the internal names of the campaign template, campaign, workflow and deliveries?

  • A. The workflow and deliveries have different name
  • B. The campaign and the campaign template have the same name.
  • C. The names ofthe campaign and the campaign template are differen
  • D. The workflows and deliveries have the same name.
  • E. The names of the deliveries are differen
  • F. The workflows, campaign and the campaign template have the same name.
  • G. All of the names will be unique.

Answer: D

What must a Practitioner determine before adding a Delivery activity to a campaign workflow?

  • A. channel
  • B. target
  • C. template
  • D. content

Answer: A

During an investigation, a business practitioner modifies workflows properties to keep the results of interim populations between two executions. What is the purpose of this step? (Choose two.)

  • A. To export data that is passed between two activities in the workflow
  • B. To configure the schema of the data that is passed between two activities in the workflow
  • C. To modify thedata that is being passed between two activities in the workflow
  • D. To add filtering criteria to data that is being passed between two activities in the workflow
  • E. To save data created with each run of the workflow to a list

Answer: DE

A campaign Business Practitioner is provided a text file of mobilephone types and their associated recipient email addresses. How should the campaign Business Practitioner build the workflow to begin to use the mobile phone type attribute in a targeting workflow?

  • A. An update data activity to import the txt file into workflow and a query activity to select all mobile phonetypes
  • B. A query activity to import the text file and an intersection activity to find matches between recipients and the text file
  • C. A data loading activity to import the text file into the workflowsand enrichment activity to link recipient email address to email address in the text file
  • D. A read list activity to import the text file into the workflow and a split activity to segment the mobile phonetype

Answer: A

What should a Practitioner use to add recipients by using the Adobe Campaign client?

  • A. the'Edit' tab of the Recipients schema under Administration – Configuration – Data schemas
  • B. 'Import Package' under 'Tools' drop down menu – Advanced menu option
  • C. the 'Data' tab of the Recipients schema under Administration – Configuration – Data schemas
  • D. the 'Recipients' form under Profiles and Targets – Recipients

Answer: A

Which two tasks can be performed to reduce the probability of adelivery being blocked or flagged as 'spam' by anti-spam tools? (Choose two.)

  • A. Make sure your delivery does not contain only images
  • B. Email content should have both HTML and text parts
  • C. Specify recipient’s name in the greeting
  • D. Specify an English translation for non English mails

Answer: CD


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