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You must create a high Availability deployment with two FortiWebs in Amazon Services (AWS): each on different Availability Zones(AZ) from the same region. At the same time, each FortiWeb should be able to deliver content from the Web server of both of the AZs. Which deployment would will this requirement?

  • A. Configure the FortiWebs Active-Active Ha mode and use AWS Router 53 load Router balance the internal Web servers.
  • B. Configure the FortiWebs in Active-Active HA mode and use AWS Elastic load Balancer (ELB) for the internal Web servers.
  • C. Use AWS Router 53 to load balance FortiWebs in standone mode and use AWS Virtual private Cloud (VPC) peering to load balance the internal Web servers.
  • D. Use AWS Elastic load Balancer (ELB) for both FortiWebs in standdone mode and the internal Webservers in an ELB sandwic

Answer: C

An organization has one central site And three remote sites. A FotiSIEM has been drafted on the central site and now all devices across the remote sites need to be monitored by the FortiSlEM.
When action would reduce the WAN usage by the monitoring system?

  • A. Deploy a single Supervisor on the central site and enable WAN optimize on the WAN gateways.
  • B. Install local Collection remote site.
  • C. Disable monitoring on the remote sites during the day.
  • D. install a Supervisor and a Collector for each remote sit

Answer: C

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
You created a custom health-check for your FortiWeb deployment. Referring to the output shown in the exhibit, which statement is true?

  • A. The FortiWeb must receive an RST packet from the server.
  • B. The FortiWeb must receive an HTTP 200 response code from the server.
  • C. The FortiWeb must receive an ICMP Echo Request from the server.
  • D. The FortiWeb must match the hash value of the page index htm

Answer: B

You cannot the FortiGales default gateway 10.10.10 .1 from the FortiGate CLI. The FortiGate interface facing the default gateway is wan 1 and its IP address 10.10 .10 K74 During the troubleshooting, tests, you confirmed that you can plug other IP addresses in the 10.10.10. 0/24 subnet from the FortiGAte CLI without packets lost.
Which two CLI commands will help you to troubleshoot this problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. diagnose ip arp list
  • B. diag aniffer packet wan1 'arp and host 10.10.1O.1'
  • C. diagnose hardware deviceinfo nice wan1
  • D. diagnose debug flow filter addt
  • E. diagnose debug flow trace trace 10

Answer: AD

A company has just deployed a new FortiMail in gateway mode. The administrator is asked to strengthen e-mail protection by applying the policies shown below.
- E-mails can only be accepted if a valid e-mail account exists.
- Only authenticated users can send e-mails out
Which two actions will satisfy the requirements? (Choose two. )

  • A. Configure recipient address verification.
  • B. Configure inbound recipient policies.
  • C. Configure outbound recipient policies.
  • D. Configure access control rule

Answer: AC

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
Your company has two data center (DC) connected using a Layer 3 network. Service in farm A need to connect to server in farm B as though they all were in the same Layer 2 segment.

  • A. Create an IPsec tunnel with transport mode encapsulation.
  • B. Create an IPsec tunnel with Mode encapsulation.
  • C. Create an IPsec tunnel with VXLAN encapsulation.
  • D. Create an IPsec tunnel with VLAN encapsulatio

Answer: A

You configure an outgoing firewall policy with a web filter for accessing the internet. The access to URL https// and web belonging to the same category should be blocked. You notice that the Web server presents a certificate with CN=www The site is as '' information Technology and the site is categorized as ''Business".
Which statements is correct in this scenario?

  • A. Category "information Technology" needs to blocked, the FortiGate is able to inspection the URL with HTTPS sessions.
  • B. Category "Business" need a to be block: the certificate name takes precedence over the SNI.
  • C. SSL inspection must be configured to deep-inspection: the category "information Technology "needs to be blocked.
  • D. Category :information Technology" needs to be blocked, the SNI takes precedence over the certificate nam

Answer: A

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
A FortiGate configure for a dial IPsec VPN to allow multiple remote FortiGAte to connect to it. However, FortiGAte A and B have problems connecting to the VPN. Only one of them can be connected at a time. If site B tries to connect while site A is connected, site A disconnected. The IKE real time shows debug shoes the output in the exhibit when site A is disconnected.
Which of the following setting should be excluded in the dial-up configuration to allow both to be VPNs to be connected at the same time?

  • A. set enforce-unique-id disable
  • B. set add-router enable
  • C. set single-source disable
  • D. set router-overlap allow

Answer: A

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
A FortiGate with the default configuration is deployed between two IP phones. FortiGate receives the INVITE request shown in the exhibit from Phone A (internal) to Phone b (exltrnal).
Which two actions are taken by the FortiGate after the packet is received? (Choose two.)

  • A. A pinhole will be opened to accept traffic sent to FortiGate's WAN IP address and ports 49169 and 49170.
  • B. a pinhole will be opened to accept traffic sent to FortiGate's WAN IP address and ports 49l70 and 49171.
  • C. The phone A IP address will be translated lo the WAN IP address in all INVITE header fields and the m: field of the SDP statement.
  • D. The phone A IP address will be translated for the WAN IP address in all INVITE header fields and the SDP statement remains intact.

Answer: BC

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
A customer gas just finished their Azure deployment to ensure a Web application behind a FortiWeb. Now they want to add components to protect against advance threats (zero day attacks), centrally the entire environment, and centrally monitor Fortinet and non-Fortinet products.
Which Fortinet will standby these requirements?

  • A. Use FotiAnalyzer lor monitor in Azure, FortiSlEM for managemnet, and FortiSandbox for zero day attacks on their local network.
  • B. Use Fortianalyzer for monitor Azure, FortiSiEM for management, and FortiGate has zero day attacks on their local network.
  • C. Use FortiManager for management in Azure, FortSIEM for monitoring and FcrtiSandbox for zero day attacks on their local network.
  • D. Use FortiSIEM for management Azure, FortiManager for management, and FortrGate for zero day attacks on their local network.

Answer: A

You are administrating the FortiGate 5000 and FortiGate 7000 series products. You want to access the HTTPS GU of the blade located n logical slot of the secondary chassis in a high-availability cluster.
Which URL will accomplish this task?

  • A. https//
  • B. https//
  • C. https//
  • D. https//

Answer: A

An old router has been replaced by a FortiWan device. The routers management IP address and now the network administrator to remove the old router from the FortiSIEM configuration.
Which two statements are true about this oper atjon? (Choose two)

  • A. FortiSIEM will discover a new device for the FortiWAN with the same IP.
  • B. The old router will be completely deleted from FortiSIEM's CMDB.
  • C. FotiSEIM needs a special syslog for FortiWAN.
  • D. FortiSIM will move the old router device into the Decommission folde

Answer: CD

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
You ate trying to configure Link-Aggregation Group (LAG), but ports A and B do not appear on the list of member options. Referring to the exhibit, which statement is correct in this situation?

  • A. The FortiGate model being used does not support LAG.
  • B. The FortiGate model does not have an Integrated Switch Fabric (ISF).
  • C. The FortiGate SFP+ slot does not have the correct module.
  • D. The FortiGate interfaces are defective and require replacemen

Answer: B

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
The exhibit shows the configuration of a service protection profile (SPP) in a FortiDDoS device. Which two statements are true about the traffic matching being inspection by this SPP? (Choose two.)

  • A. Traffic that does match any spp policy will not be inspection by this spp.
  • B. FortiDDos will not send a SYNACK if a SYN packet is coming from an IP address that is not the legtimate IP (LIP) address table.
  • C. FortiDooS will start dropping packets as soon as the traffic executed the configured maintain threshold.
  • D. SYN packets with payloads will be droope

Answer: AB

In a FortiGate 5000 series, two FortiControllers are working as an SLBC cluster in a-p mode. The configuration shown below is applied.
NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
When statement is true on how new TCP sessions are handled by the Distributor Processor (DP).
The new session added the DP session table is automatically deleted, if the traffic is denied by the processing worker.

  • A. No new session is added is the DP session table until the processing worker accepts the traffic.
  • B. A new session added m the DP session table remains in the table remain in the traffic is denied by the procession worker.
  • C. A new session added in the OP session table remains is the table only if traffic is traffic is accepted by the processing worker.

Answer: C

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
Referring to the exhibit, a FortiADC is load balancing IPV4 traffic between next-hop routers. The FortiADC does not know the IP addresses of the servers, Also the FortiADC is doing Layer 7 content inspection and modification.
In this scenario, which application delivery control is configured in the FortiADC?

  • A. Layer 2
  • B. Layer 3
  • C. Laye.4
  • D. Layer 7

Answer: D

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
You need to run a script in FortiManager against several managed FortiGale devices in your organization to install a configuration for a new static route.
Which two scripts will successfully configure the static route on the managed device? (Choose two)

  • A. Script 1
  • B. Script 2
  • C. Script 3
  • D. Script 4

Answer: BC

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
The exhibit shows the steps for creating a URL rewrite policy on a FortWet-Which statement represents the purpose of this policy?

  • A. The policy redirects all HTTP URLs to HTTPS.
  • B. The policy redirects all HTTPS URLs to HTTP.
  • C. The policy redirects only HTTPS URLs containing the ˆ/ (. *) S string to HTTP.
  • D. The pokey redirects only HTTP URLs containing theˆ/ ( .*)S string to HTTP

Answer: A

You want to access the JSON API on FortiManager to retrieve information on an object. In this scenario, which two methods will satisfy the requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Make a call with the Web browser on your workstation.
  • B. Make a call with the SoapUl API tool on your workstation.
  • C. Download the WSDL file from FortiManager administration GUI.
  • D. Make a call with the curl utility on your workstation

Answer: AC

A FortOS devices is used for termination of VPNs for number of remote spoke VPN units (designated group A spokes) using a phase 1 main mode dial-up tunnel using pre-shared. Your company recently acquired another organization. You are asked establish VPN correctively for the newly acquired organization's sites which new devices will be provisioned (designated Group B spokes). Both exiting (Group A) and new (Group B) spoke units are dynamically addressed. You are asked to ensure that spokes from the acquired organization (Group B) have different access permission than your existing VPN spokes (Group A).
Which two solutions meet the represents for the new spoke group? (Choose two.)

  • A. implements a new phase 1 dial-up mode tunnel with preshared keys and XAut
  • B. Use identity to filter traffic.
  • C. Implement a new phase 1 dial-up main mode tunnel with a different pre-shared key than the Group A spoke
  • D. Use standard policies to filter for the new dial-up tunnel
  • E. Implement a new phase 1 dial-up main mode tunnel with certificate authenticatio
  • F. Use standard policies to filter for the dial-up tunnel.
  • G. Implement separate phase 1 dial-up aggressive mode tunnels with a distinct peer I
  • H. Use standard policies to filter traffic for the new dial-up tunnel.

Answer: AB

NSE8_810 dumps exhibit
You have deployed several perimeter FortiGates wilh terminal segmentation FortiGates befwid them All ForbGale devices are logging to Fortianaluzer. When you search the logs in FortiAnatyzer (or denied traffic,
you see numerous log messages, as shown in the exhibit, on your perimeter FortiGates only. Which two actions would reduce the number pt these log message? (Choose two)

  • A. Apply an application control profile lo the perimeter FortiGates that does not inspect DNS traffic to the outbound firewall policy.
  • B. Configure the internal ForbGates to communicate to ForpGuard using port 8888.
  • C. Disable DNS events logging horn ForirGate In the config log fortianalyser filter section.
  • D. Remove DNS signature* <rom the IPS protte appfced to the outbound firewall polic

Answer: BC

You deploy a FortiGate device in a remote office based on the requirements shown below.
-- Due to company's security policy, management IP of your FortiGate is not allowed to access the Internet.
-- Apply Web Filtering, Antivirus, IPS and Application control to the protected subnet.
-- Be managed by a central FortiManager in the head office. Which action will help to achieve the requirements?

  • A. Configure a default route and make sure that the FortiGate device can pmg to service fortiguard net.
  • B. Configure the FortiGuard override server and use the IP address of the FortiManager
  • C. Configure the FortiGuard override server and use the IP address of service, fortiguard net.
  • D. Configure FortiGate to use FortiGuard Filtering Port 8888.

Answer: B


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