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A contractor overhears a customer recite their credit card number during a confidential phone call. The credit card Information is later used for a fraudulent transaction. Which of the following social engineering techniques describes this scenario?

  • A. Shoulder surfing
  • B. Watering hole
  • C. Vishing
  • D. Tailgating

Answer: A

Shoulder surfing is a social engineering technique that involves looking over someone’s shoulder to see what they are typing, writing, or viewing on their screen. It can be used to steal passwords, PINs, credit card numbers, or other sensitive information. In this scenario, the contractor used shoulder surfing to overhear the customer’s credit card number during a phone call.


An organization experiences a cybersecurity incident involving a command-and-control server. Which of the following logs should be analyzed to identify the impacted host? (Select two).

  • A. Application
  • B. Authentication
  • C. Error
  • D. Network
  • E. Firewall
  • F. System

Answer: DE

Network and firewall logs should be analyzed to identify the impacted host in a cybersecurity incident involving a command-and-control server. A command-and-control server is a central server that communicates with and controls malware-infected devices or bots. A command-and-control server can send commands to the bots, such as downloading additional malware, stealing data, or launching attacks. Network logs can help to identify any suspicious or anomalous network traffic, such as connections to unknown or malicious domains, high-volume data transfers, or unusual protocols or ports. Firewall logs can help to identify any blocked or allowed traffic based on the firewall rules, such as connections to or from the command-and-control server, or any attempts to bypass the firewall. References:
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A customer called a company's security team to report that all invoices the customer has received over the last five days from the company appear to have fraudulent banking details. An investigation into the matter reveals the following
• The manager of the accounts payable department is using the same password across multiple external websites and the corporate account
• One of the websites the manager used recently experienced a data breach.
• The manager's corporate email account was successfully accessed in the last five days by an IP address located in a foreign country.
Which of the following attacks has most likely been used to compromise the manager's corporate account?

  • A. Remote access Trojan
  • B. Brute-force
  • C. Dictionary
  • D. Credential stuffing
  • E. Password spraying

Answer: D

Credential stuffing is a type of attack that involves using stolen or leaked usernames and passwords from one website or service to gain unauthorized access to other websites or services that use the same credentials. It can exploit the common practice of reusing passwords across multiple accounts. It is the most likely attack tha has been used to compromise the manager’s corporate account, given that the manager is using the same password across multiple external websites and the corporate account, and one of the websites recently experienced a data breach.


A security architect is designing the new outbound internet for a small company. The company would like all 50 users to share the same single Internet connection. In addition, users will not be permitted to use social media sites or external email services while at work. Which of the following should be included in this design to satisfy these requirements? (Select TWO).

  • A. DLP
  • B. MAC filtering
  • C. NAT
  • D. VPN
  • E. Content filler
  • F. WAF

Answer: CD

NAT (Network Address Translation) is a technology that allows multiple devices to share a single IP address, allowing them to access the internet while still maintaining security and privacy. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology that creates a secure, encrypted tunnel between two or more devices, allowing users to access the internet and other network resources securely and privately. Additionally, VPNs can also be used to restrict access to certain websites and services, such as social media sites and external email services.


A junior security analyst is reviewing web server logs and identifies the following pattern in the log file:
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Which ol the following types of attacks is being attempted and how can it be mitigated?

  • A. XS
  • B. mplement a SIEM
  • C. CSR
  • D. implement an IPS
  • E. Directory traversal implement a WAF
  • F. SQL infection, mplement an IDS

Answer: C

The attack being attempted is directory traversal, which is a web application attack that allows an attacker to access files and directories outside of the web root directory. A WAF can help mitigate this attack by detecting and blocking attempts to access files outside of the web root directory.
References: CompTIA Security+ Study Guide: Exam SY0-601, Chapter 4: Securing Application Development and Deployment, p. 191


A security engineer needs to recommend a solution to defend against malicious actors misusing protocols and being allowed through network defenses. Which of the following will the engineer most likely recommended?

  • A. A content filter
  • B. AWAF
  • C. A next-generation firewall
  • D. An IDS

Answer: C

A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is a solution that can defend against malicious actors misusing protocols and being allowed through network defenses. A NGFW is a type of firewall that can perform deep packet inspection, application-level filtering, intrusion prevention, malware detection, and identity-based access control. A NGFW can also use threat intelligence and behavioral analysis to identify and block malicious traffic based on protocols, signatures, or anomalies. References:


A security analyst wants to verify that a client-server (non-web) application is sending encrypted traffic. Which of the following should the analyst use?

  • A. openssl
  • B. hping
  • C. netcat
  • D. tcpdump

Answer: A

To verify that a client-server (non-web) application is sending encrypted traffic, a security analyst can use OpenSSL. OpenSSL is a software library that provides cryptographic functions, including encryption and
decryption, in support of various security protocols, including SSL/TLS. It can be used to check whether a client-server application is using encryption to protect traffic. References:
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An organization routes all of its traffic through a VPN Most users are remote and connect into a corporate data center that houses confidential information There is a firewall at the internet border, followed by a DLP appliance, the VPN server and the data center itself Which of the following is the weakest design element?

  • A. The DLP appliance should be integrated into a NGFW.
  • B. Split-tunnel connections can negatively impact the DLP appliance's performance.
  • C. Encrypted VPN traffic will not be inspected when entering or leaving the network.
  • D. Adding two hops in the VPN tunnel may slow down remote connections

Answer: C

VPN (Virtual Private Network) traffic is encrypted to protect its confidentiality and integrity over the internet. However, this also means that it cannot be inspected by security devices or tools when entering or leaving the network, unless it is decrypted first. This can create a blind spot or a vulnerability for the network security posture, as malicious traffic or data could bypass detection or prevention mechanisms by using VPN encryption


Developers are writing code and merging it into shared repositories several times a day, where it is tested automatically. Which of the following concepts does this BEST represent?

  • A. Functional testing
  • B. Stored procedures
  • C. Elasticity
  • D. Continuous integration

Answer: D

Continuous integration is a software development practice where developers merge their code into a shared repository several times a day, and the code is tested automatically. This ensures that code changes are tested and integrated continuously, reducing the risk of errors and conflicts.


A company recently enhanced mobile device configuration by implementing a set of security controls: biometrics, context-aware authentication, and full device encryption. Even with these settings in place, an unattended phone was used by a malicious actor to access corporate data.
Which of the following additional controls should be put in place first?

  • A. GPS tagging
  • B. Remote wipe
  • C. Screen lock timer
  • D. SEAndroid

Answer: C

According to NIST Special Publication 1800-4B1, some of the security controls that can be used to protect mobile devices include:
SY0-701 dumps exhibit Root and jailbreak detection: ensures that the security architecture for a mobile device has not been compromised.
SY0-701 dumps exhibit Encryption: protects the data stored on the device and in transit from unauthorized access.
SY0-701 dumps exhibit Authentication: verifies the identity of the user and the device before granting access to enterprise resources.
SY0-701 dumps exhibit Remote wipe: allows the organization to erase the data on the device in case of loss or theft.
SY0-701 dumps exhibit Screen lock timer: sets a time limit for the device to lock itself after a period of inactivity.


An information security manager for an organization is completing a PCI DSS self-assessment for the first time. which of the is following MOST likely reason for this type of assessment?

  • A. An international expansion project is currently underway.
  • B. Outside consultants utilize this tool to measure security maturity.
  • C. The organization is expecting to process credit card information.
  • D. A government regulator has requested this audit to be completed

Answer: C

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a set of security standards designed to ensure that all companies that accept, process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. Any organization that accepts credit card payments is required to comply with PCI DSS.


Hackers recently attacked a company's network and obtained several unfavorable pictures from the Chief Executive Officer's workstation. The hackers are threatening to send the images to the press if a ransom is not paid. Which of the following is impacted the MOST?

  • A. Identify theft
  • B. Data loss
  • C. Data exfiltration
  • D. Reputation

Answer: D

The best option that describes what is impacted the most by the hackers’ attack and threat would be D. Reputation. Reputation is the perception or opinion that others have about a person or an organization. Reputation can affect the trust, credibility, and success of a person or an organization. In this scenario, if the hackers send the unfavorable pictures to the press, it can damage the reputation of the Chief Executive Officer and the company, and cause negative consequences such as loss of customers, partners, investors, or employees.


A data cento has experienced an increase in under-voltage events Mowing electrical grid maintenance outside the facility These events are leading to occasional losses of system availability Which of the following would be the most cost-effective solution for the data center 10 implement''

  • A. Uninterruptible power supplies with battery backup
  • B. Managed power distribution units lo track these events
  • C. A generator to ensure consistent, normalized power delivery
  • D. Dual power supplies to distribute the load more evenly

Answer: A

Uninterruptible power supplies with battery backup would be the most cost-effective solution for the data center to implement to prevent under-voltage events following electrical grid maintenance outside the facility. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a device that provides emergency power to a load when the main power source fails or drops below an acceptable level. A UPS with battery backup can help prevent under-voltage events by switching to battery power when it detects a voltage drop or outage in the main power source. A UPS with battery backup can also protect the data center equipment from power surges or spikes.


Which of the following can reduce vulnerabilities by avoiding code reuse?

  • A. Memory management
  • B. Stored procedures
  • C. Normalization
  • D. Code obfuscation

Answer: A

Memory management is a technique that can allocate and deallocate memory for applications and processes. Memory management can reduce vulnerabilities by avoiding code reuse, which is a technique that exploits a memory corruption vulnerability to execute malicious code that already exists in memory. Memory management can prevent code reuse by implementing features such as address space layout randomization (ASLR), data execution prevention (DEP), or stack canaries.


You are security administrator investigating a potential infection on a network.
Click on each host and firewall. Review all logs to determine which host originated the Infecton and then deny each remaining hosts clean or infected.
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SY0-701 dumps exhibit
SY0-701 dumps exhibit
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SY0-701 dumps exhibit
SY0-701 dumps exhibit

Based on the logs, it seems that the host that originated the infection is This host has a
suspicious process named svchost.exe running on port 443, which is unusual for a Windows service. It also
has a large number of outbound connections to different IP addresses on port 443, indicating that it is part of a botnet.
The firewall log shows that this host has been communicating with, which is another infected host on the engineering network. This host also has a suspicious process named svchost.exe running on port 443, and a large number of outbound connections to different IP addresses on port 443.
The other hosts on the R&D network ( and192.168.10.41) are clean, as they do not have any
suspicious processes or connections.

Does this meet the goal?
  • A. Yes
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A


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